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Your needs are unique. Our attorneys are here to recognize your needs and guide you through the process from consultation through conclusion. We listen carefully to you. Our advice is thoughtful, practical and appropriate for you and your circumstances. We have the knowledge and experience, and we are responsive to you, as you confront the financial and emotional issues that you may feel are overwhelming. Your input matters, and we use our expertise to develop creative solutions that work for you. We keep you informed, and we remain available through every step.

Our clients include the full spectrum of high net worth individuals and professionals engaged in law, medicine, finance, business, the arts and media, education, athletics and homemaking. We are sophisticated counselors in the custody, parenting, financial, valuation and tax issues that our clients face. Our clients respect our judgment regarding all financial issues, such as the valuation and distribution of personal and business assets, closely held companies, venture capital and financial services firms, deferred compensation, stock options, restricted stock and units, trusts, real estate, and family businesses; spousal and child support; and custody, visitation, and parenting.

Our attorneys are experienced, thoughtful and creative in negotiating and drafting prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreements. We strive first and foremost to reach agreement on all issues without litigation. But if settlement efforts fail, we have years of extensive experience in court and taking matters through trial. In those cases where trial is the only alternative, we are well-respected by our peers and in the courts for our thorough preparation and ability to present complicated concepts facing matrimonial litigants.

Whether through negotiated settlement, which is our preference, or through trial if necessary, we will be by your side as you take the steps to achieve your goals and embrace your future.

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